Utility token, and governance NFT on Only1 decentralized social platform

Only1 is the first NFT-powered social media built on Solana, backed by Alameda Research. Our goal is to help content creators monetize without the need of third parties, and to create a censorship-free and truly community run social platform. …

$LIKE Utility, INO Launchpad & Community Questions

  • How we strive to become the future of web3 social media
  • What role does $LIKE play in the decentralized creator economy
  • Initial NFT Offering — The Ones, lottery enter begins 18 Oct

What is Only1?


Future of Social Media, a web3 creator economy powered by NFTs

After months of waiting, Only1 Beta is finally launching tomorrow! Take your pen and sticky note, write down ‘Only1 Beta!!!!!’, stick it on your computer monitor and be excited!

Beta Launch Date & Access code

Access Code: There are several access codes scattered around the metaverse, see if you can find…


The First NFT-Powered Social Platform on Solana.

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