Creator Staking Pool V2 Launch

Creator Staking Pool V2 Updates:

  • After 20 May, 12:00 UTC, Unstake will require a waiting period of 7-days.
  • To unstake instantly, user will have to pay a fixed fee of 2%. Unstaking fee will be added to the Only1 treasury to be later distributed back to users as reward.
  • Each creator staking pool APY will be dynamic, increases when the respective creator is more active, and decreases when the creator is inactive.
  • Creator reward will be lowered to 0.4% of their pool’s TVL per month. Superfan NFT holder reward will be lowered to 0.2% of the creator’s pool per month.

How to migrate to creator staking pool V2:

  • Creator staking pool V2 upgrade: 20 May, 12:00 UTC
  • For users with staked tokens in V1, there will be an ‘Upgrade’ button at the staking page after the upgrade
  • To upgrade, click the ‘Upgrade’ button — This will automatically unstake and claim rewards from all staked pools, then stake them all in the new respective creator staking pools V2.
  • Any tokens staked in V1 after the upgrade will no longer accumulate APY rewards
  • There are no platform fees for unstaking or claiming rewards before the upgrade

What’s next?

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