Only1 Secures Funding from and Bithumb Global

We are pleased to announce we have received additional strategic investors in Only1. Provided below is a list of the major organizations that have recently decided to support Only1!

Bithumb Global

Bithumb, the Global Digital Asset Trading Partner. In order to create a more convenient and trustworthy digital financing platform, Bithumb, a digital asset exchange that connects the world, is providing leading services in major industries such as blockchain, finance, and FinTech, in partnership with outstanding companies. Bithumb creates a convenient and more trustworthy digital finance platform through endless innovation. They lead the future of financing platforms by going beyond the limits of time and space to connect the world.

As a top global cryptocurrency exchange, has been offering rewards to its users and catering to their needs. Looking back on the first half of this year, they have held 6 Startup Discount Sales of Mainstream Tokens, 13 Competing Vote Campaigns, 7 Single Listing Votes, 2 Startup IEOs and 7 rounds of Lock-up & Earn of Mainstream Tokens, distributing a total of 10,452,431 USDT to GT holders as rewards. Moreover, there was an 8% annual interest rate for rewards of Startup Discount Sale of Mainstream Token and Votes Airdrop, and a 72% annual interest rate for the rewards of Startup Discount Sale of Mainstream Token and Votes Airdrop and Startup IEO.

Get Excited, More Coming Soon!

This is just the beginning for Only1. Over the next few weeks we look forward to presenting more about this project, including information about new partners, our roadmap, and our IDO. We have tons of exciting news that we can’t wait to share, as well as more information about the development of the Only1 ecosystem. Stay tuned and buckle up.

About Only1

Only1 is the first NFT-powered social platform built on the Solana blockchain. Mixing social media, an NFT marketplace, a scalable blockchain, and the native token — $LIKE, Only1 offers fans a unique way of connecting with the creators they love. By using the Only1 platform, fans will have the ability to invest, access, and earn from the limited edition contents created by the world’s largest influencers/celebrities, all powered by NFTs.

The new world of NFTs is here, and it’s being built on Solana. Welcome to Only1.

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