Only1 — The Ones SocialFi NFT DAO Launch

🚀 The Ones DAO

Coming this month

  • Exclusive DAO groups in Telegram and Discord where holders can view pre-release features, vote for feature development direction, and (maybe) preview announcements of Only1.
  • Only holders of The Ones NFT can join. Holders must #DELIST and use Only1 verification bot to verify NFTs in their wallet. You will be removed if the wallet no longer holds The Ones NFT. Please stay updated via our Twitter, Telegram and Discord for release of this DAO very soon.
  • GIVEAWAY 🎁 First 20 to join The Ones DAO gets 1 free The Ones NFT airdrop!


  • Test and vote for pre-release features (Exclusive to The Ones NFT)
  • Propose new features
  • View your vote weighting (correlated to number of The Ones NFT you hold) and allocated rewards
  • ALL royalties are stored in the Governance Fund, which is used to reward The Ones NFT holders for their help in building Only1 together!

✅ OG Status on Only1

Coming this month

  • The Ones NFT holders will have an OG Badge next to their account name on (similar to verified, but better!). When Only1 have even just a million users, you will be amongst the 1%.
  • A special feature that many users asked for will be available only for The Ones NFT holders…

🔥 Buyback & Reward

  • 120 The Ones NFTs have been bought back and permanently taken out of circulation, say good bye to these heroes 👋🏼
  • Once 1,000 have been bought back and burnt, ALL royalties will be injected to the governance fund to reward The Ones NFT Holders.

About Only1




The First NFT-Powered Social Platform on Solana.

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The First NFT-Powered Social Platform on Solana.

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