Only1’s Alpha Platform Benefits — Why Become an Early Adopter?

After sharing details surrounding our NFT-powered social network as well as announcing Only1’s IDO, it’s finally time to give the people what they have been waiting for. Below you can find useful information providing insight regarding the initial stages of our Alpha Creator launch and benefits. Get Excited!

Alpha Launch

There will only be 50 creators during Only1’s Alpha Stage, therefore we will be selective with who we bring on. As a team, we are focused on including creators from different fields as to maximize potential traffic to our platform. These fields will include but are not limited to; music, fitness, beauty, lifestyle and crypto. Only users who have secured an access code can enter the platform and participate.

We will give out 500 invite codes to the insider ecosystem of Solana such as our investors such as: FTX, Phantom Wallet, and the Solana Foundation. There will be pockets of people with other invite codes. #IYKYK

More information on the invite codes will be announced soon.

Why Sign Up for Only1’s Alpha Platform?

Pioneering Only1’s social NFT marketplace experience is a great honor, and an amazing way to make money, engage with fans and other creators alike. Creators will start a Genesis NFT sale upon joining allowing them to start earning instant revenue in the form of our token $LIKE immediately.

If you’re a fan, Creator staking pool allows you to stake $LIKE on creator’s staking pool, raising the value of the creators brand on the platform, making the creator money while also increasing your investment in them. The bigger pool always yields a larger reward for the creator (and you)!

Another major key here is, there will only be 50 creators on the platform to start. This method will keep the marketplace from becoming saturated and allow the Alpha Creators to secure maximum exposure and engagement.

Finally, we’d like to highlight our “Paid DM” feature. Fans can pay Alpha creators $LIKE tokens to ask questions and creators can earn $LIKE every time they answer. Only1’s social NFT Marketplace is going to revolutionize how fans interact with creators, while also collecting and enjoying the groundbreaking properties of NFTs. This is the future of engagement and social interaction and we would love for you to be a part of it, are you ready?

Sign Up to Participate in our Alpha Launch Soon. Follow our Twitter for more.

About Only1

Only1 is the first NFT-powered social platform built on the Solana blockchain. Mixing social media, an NFT marketplace, a scalable blockchain, and the native token — $LIKE, Only1 offers fans a unique way of connecting with the creators they love. By using the Only1 platform, fans will have the ability to invest, access, and earn from the limited edition contents created by the world’s largest influencers/celebrities, all powered by NFTs. The new world of NFTs is here, and it’s being built on Solana. Welcome to Only1.

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