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Patreon on Solana. Launching 30th of September

The more active you are, the more you earn.

Social Media Is Broken

Social media firms profit heavily off their creators, yet they’re treated like they’re expendable. …

The Future of Cryptocurrency Project Fundraising

From ICO to IEO & IDO, introducing Initial NFT Offering (INO), a novel cryptocurrency fundraising innovation that involves offering 10,000 unique NFTs for sale via Only1 INO Launchpad. All $SOL raised will be used to buyback $LIKE to reward our early investors & communities.

An Initial NFT Offering, or “INO”, is a new cryptocurrency crowdfunding innovation pioneered by Only1

This article will cover the participation requirements and procedures for Only1 Initial NFT Offering (INO).

Initial NFT Offering (INO) details:


Step 1 — Stake to receive Tickets

Users should access Only1, and connect to Phantom Wallet*.

What is Initial NFT Offering (INO)? An Initial NFT Offering, or “INO”, is a new cryptocurrency crowdfunding innovation — based on the concept of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) — that involves offering a set of limited edition NFTs for sale via the Only1 INO Launchpad. As the NFT market matures, Initial NFT Offering rises as a solution to incentivize and reward investors and the communities.

Initial NFT Offering of Only1

Test launch: Only1 ($LIKE) INO

Date: October 7th 2021

More details coming soon..

As I’m sure we are all aware, OnlyFans recently announced they will be restricting explicit sexual content as they roll out new regulations. Besides not being able to get your fix of feet pictures from your favorite supermodel… Why does this matter? Well, it shows how much control these centralized networks have over creators and invites an opportunity for decentralized platforms to gain light.

Below we will be exploring the differences between Centralized and Decentralized social media networks:

What are Decentralized Social Networks?

Decentralized social networks operate on independently run servers, rather than a centralized server owned by a business…

It’s been a productive month here at Only1. Our team has been hard at work as we have completed our IDO!

If you missed some of our major developments and updates throughout this month, below is a summary of some of our most exciting announcements. Let’s take a look.

Only1 Secured Funding from and Bithumb Global

After sharing details surrounding our NFT-powered social network as well as announcing Only1’s IDO, it’s finally time to give the people what they have been waiting for. Below you can find useful information providing insight regarding the initial stages of our Alpha Creator launch and benefits. Get Excited!

Alpha Launch

There will only be 50 creators during Only1’s Alpha Stage, therefore we will be selective with who we bring on. As a team, we are focused on including creators from different fields as to maximize potential traffic to our platform. These fields will include but are not limited to; music, fitness, beauty…

We are excited to announce the launch of the Only1 Alpha Creator Program!

What is the Alpha Creator Program?

First and foremost; this program is open for EVERYONE to be involved in. The Alpha Creator Program is designed to incentivize you, our community, to tell us who you want to see on Only1’s platform. Simply refer a creator and you can earn rewards!

All you need to do is refer an influencer that you might know to join the Only1 Creator Community. These creators will be the first to join our social NFT platform, and will be the first to mint their genesis NFTs. …

We’re excited to announce that on August 2nd, Only1 will be launching on AcceleRaytor!

Only1 is the first NFT-powered social platform built on Solana. Mixing social media, an NFT marketplace, a scalable blockchain, and the native token — $LIKE, Only1 offers fans a unique way of connecting with the creators they love.

This article will cover the two parts of an AcceleRaytor launch: 1) the Public Raise and 2) the IDO on Raydium.

1. $LIKE AcceleRaytor Public Raise Details:

Total tokens for the raise: 1,666,667 $LIKE (0.33% of total $LIKE supply), unlocked

Token fixed price: 0.06 $USDC for 1 $LIKE

Total raise: 100,000 $USDC

Model: Lottery…

We are excited to announce the moment you have all been waiting for; Only1’s IDO on Raydium’s LaunchPad, AcceleRaytor.

To stay up-to-date on all new information and updates, join our telegram:

About AcceleRaytor

It is an honor for Only1 to work with Raydium to launch our IDO on their AcceleRaytor launchpad platform.

AcceleRaytor will serve as a launchpad for the latest Solana projects to raise capital and drive initial liquidity in a decentralized and interoperable manner, while enabling both project and Raydium communities to participate in carefully curated and vetted token offerings.

At Only1, we believe Raydium is the leading launchpad…

Welcome to the Only1 Community Airdrop! In order to say ‘thank you’ to our early supporters, we will be airdropping 100 Exclusive NFTs to our community! These NFTs hold unique value and perks, giving holders a token airdrop and more.

Learn more about how to participate:

How to Participate

In order to participate, complete the next few steps:

Once complete, congratulations you’re now seated to potentially receive an Only1 exclusive NFT, that’s loaded with valuable utility. …


The First NFT-Powered Social Engagement Platform Built on Solana.

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